Emeriti Park Autumn


Announcements are available for purchase through the Ohio University Printing Resource Center. Please place your order using the contact listed below.

Email:   printing@ohio.edu
Phone: 740-593-1930

The two local bookstores have graduation announcements and diploma frames available for purchase. For information, please contact:

College Book Store · 740.594.3505
Follett's University Book Store · 740.593.5547

All purchases and payments must be resolved at the time of purchase with the vendor. The transaction, however, is an agreement between the student and the vendor. Ohio University serves only in the capacity of providing you with the opportunity for the transaction.

Announcements and diploma frames may also be purchased through the Ohio University Alumni Association. 

Announcements: http://colleges.herffjones.com/college/ou/
Diploma Frames: www.diplomadisplay.com/ohu