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To request or download an application or apply online, please visit the Ohio University Prospective Students webpage. Prospective undergraduate students should direct questions toward Admissions at (740)593-4100; prospective graduate students should contact Graduate Student Services at (740)593-2800.

You may schedule an audition before your application is received by the School of Music. However, remember that undergraduate applications must be received by February 1 in order to ensure priority consideration for scholarships and financial aid. Prospective graduate students should submit their application materials, including recommendations and transcripts, by March 1 in order to receive priority consideration for assistantships.

I offer complimentary lessons to every student in preparation for his or her entrance audition. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (740)707-7061 to arrange a time at least one month before your audition. This would also be an excellent time to arrange a campus tour. Reservations are through the Admissions Office at (740)593-4100. If you cannot see me in person before your audition, I encourage you to contact me so that I may offer you advice on repertoire and preparation.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

To schedule an audition, contact our secretary, Barbara Palmer at (740)593-4244 to arrange a time.

Repertoire: At least one solo of major length; movements and/or etudes contrasting in tempo and style are desirable; advanced solos from your state's Solo and Ensemble contest list are highly recommended. Scales: chromatic (low E to high E above the staff) and majors through 4 sharps and flats. Sight reading.

For more information on undergraduate admissions, please click here.

Prospective Graduate Students

To schedule an audition, contact Dr. Rebecca Rischin, Professor of Clarinet, at (740)707-7061. It is best if you can audition on one of the scheduled undergraduate audition dates (see above); however, we may be able to find alternate dates if necessary.

Repertoire: Two solos of major length and two contrasting standard orchestral excerpts. One of the solos should be from the standard repertoire; the other may be a contemporary work. The solos should contrast in tempo and style.

For more information on graduate admissions, please click here.

Recorded Auditions

Whenever possible, live auditions are strongly recommended, not only to enhance your chances of admission, but also to give you an idea of how beautiful Ohio University is. However, we accept taped auditions for out-of-state students in remote locations and for international students. The above deadlines and repertoire requirements still apply. Please be sure to label your tape clearly.

Prospective graduate students may submit a recording of a recent recital in lieu of making an audition tape; in this case, a third solo serves as a substitute for the orchestral excerpts requirement.

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