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Lonnie R. Welch, Stuckey Professor

Lonnie R. Welch

Professor Lonnie R. Welch received a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the Ohio State University. Currently, he is the Stuckey Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ohio University, and he is a member of the Graduate Faculties of the Biomedical Engineering Program and of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program.  Dr. Welch performs research in the areas of bioinformatics, computational regulatory genomics, machine learning and high performance computing.  His research has been sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute, the Ohio Plant Biotechnology Consortium, NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Ohio Board of Regents.  Dr. Welch has more than twenty years of research experience in the area of high performance computing.  His research produced three successive generations of adaptive resource management middleware for high performance real-time systems, and resulted in four patents and more than 150 publications. Currently, Professor Welch directs the Bioinformatics Laboratory at Ohio University, where he performs research in the area of computational regulatory genomics. Specifically, he leads a team of researchers who develop computational methods for discovering genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, and proteomic markers associated with phenotypes. Dr. Welch directs OHIO’s Bioinformatics Certificate Programs and the Ohio Board of Regents Bioinformatics Scholarship Program. He is the founder and Chair of the Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (an official conference of the International Society on Computational Biology).  Dr. Welch is the Founding Chair of ISCB's Great Lakes Bioinformatics Consortium, and he serves on the ISCB's Board of Directors, Education Committee (Vice Chair), and Conferences Committee. He is the Principal Investigator of the Ohio Board of Regents Bioinformatics Scholarship Program. Dr. Welch directs the Bioinformatics Program at Ohio University.

Selected Publications

  1. Welch L, Lewitter F, Schwartz R, Brooksbank C, Radivojac P, et al. (2014) “Bioinformatics Curriculum Guidelines: Toward a Definition of Core Competencies.” PLoS Comput Biol 10(3): e1003496. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003496.
  2. Lichtenberg, J. , Keppler, B. , Conley, T. , Gu, D. , Burns, P. , Welch, L. and Showalter, A. “Prot-Class: A bioinformatics tool for protein classification based on amino acid signatures” Natural Science, 2012, 4, 1161-1164.
  3. Lonnie R. Welch, Russell Schwartz, Fran Lewitter, “A Report of the Curriculum Task Force of the ISCB Education Committee” PLOS Computational Biology, June 2012. 8(6):1-2.
  4. Yilmaz A, Mejia-Guerra MK, Kurz K, Liang X, Welch L, Grotewold E, “AGRIS: the Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server, an update,” Nucleic Acids Res. 39(Database issue):D1118-22. 2011 Jan.
  5. Yang MQ, Laflamme K, Gotea V, Joiner CH, Seidel NE, Wong C, Petrykowska HM, Lichtenberg J, Lee S, Welch L, Gallagher PG, Bodine DM, Elnitski L, “Genome-wide detection of a TFIID localization element from an initial human disease mutation,” Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Mar;39(6):2175-87.
  6. Jens Lichtenberg, Kyle Kurz, Xiaoyu Liang, Rami Al-ouran, Lev Neiman, Lee J Nau, Joshua D Welch, Edwin Jacox, Thomas Bitterman, Klaus Ecker, Laura Elnitski, Frank Drews, Stephen Sauchi Lee, Lonnie R Welch, “WordSeeker: Concurrent bioinformatics software for discovering genome-wide patterns and word-based genomic signatures,” BMC Bioinformatics, 2010, 11(Suppl 12):S6.
  7. Showalter AM, Keppler B, Lichtenberg J, Gu D, Welch LR, “A bioinformatics approach to the identification, classification, and analysis of hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins,” Plant Physiology 153:485-513. 2010 Apr.
  8. Frank Drews, Jens Lichtenberg, Lonnie Welch, “Scalable parallel word search in multicore/multiprocessor systems,” The Journal of Supercomputing 51(1):58-75. 2010 Jan.
  9. X. Liang, K. Shen, J. Lichtenberg, S.E. Wyatt, and L.R. Welch, “An integrated bioinformatics approach to the discovery of cis-regulatory elements involved in plant gravitropic signal transduction,” International Journal of Computational Bioscience 1:33-54. 2010.
  10. Jens Lichtenberg, Alper Yilmaz, Joshua Welch, Kyle Kurz, Xiaoyu Liang, Frank Drews, Klaus Ecker, Stephen Lee, Matt Geisler, Erich Grotewold, and Lonnie R. Welch, “The Word Landscape of the Arabidopsis Genome,” BMC Genomics, 10:463, 2009. [Highly accessed article.]
  11. Klaus Ecker, Jens Lichtenberg, and Lonnie Welch, “The SiteSeeker Motif Discovery Tool,” In Silico Biology, 9(1):11-22, 2009.
  12. Jens Lichtenberg, Edwin Jacox, Joshua D Welch, Kyle Kurz, Xiaoyu Liang, Mary Q Yang, Frank Drews, Klaus Ecker, Stephen S Lee, Laura Elnitski, Lonnie R Welch, Word-based Characterization of Promoters involved in Human DNA-repair Pathways, BMC Genomics, 10(Suppl 1):S18, 2009.

Contact Information

354 Stocker Center
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701-2979
740-593-1575740-593-1575 (fax: -0007)
E-mail: welch@ohio.edu

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