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Medical Image Analysis Research

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jundong Liu


Shuisheng Xie
Huihui Xu

 Project 1: Brain atrophy measurement for Alzheimer's Disease

The primary goal of this project is to identify imaging and biomarker metrics that can potentially serve as reliable bases in AD diagnosis and prevention.  Advanced image alignment tools are being developed to answer 1) for each individual AD patient, how does the atrophy change as the clinical  stages progress? 2) What is the magnitude of the change? 3) For a group of AD patients, is there any common shrinkage pattern among them?  This project is funded by the Alzheimer's Center of the University of Kentucky.

Project 2: Brain structure segmentation for Parkinson's Disease

This project is in collaboration with the University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center of Aging. Our primary hypothesis is that depression in PD is linked to structural and functional abnormality in cortical and subcortical structures such as medial frontal cortex, caudate, maygdala etc. Brain structure segmentation algorithms and software packages are developed to measure the volume changes for these areas. This project is funded by the Alzheimer's Center of  the University of Kentucky.

Project 3:  Neuroimage software package development for aging studies

The goal of this project is to develop a novel deformation-based morphometry (DBM) framework to measure the volumetric and morphological change of brain structures in MR images. Significant part of our effort is focused on the development of an integrated Analysis Toolbox for Aging Studies (ATAS). The components include

  1. Local Gaussian based Active Contour model for brain tissue tying (tLGAC),
  2. subcortical structure segmentation (sLGAC),
  3. Multiple Sclerosis lesion detection (MSLD) and
  4. deformation-based morphomerty using medial surfaces (DBM-MS).

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