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The Parallel and Distributed Processing Laboratory (PPL) conducts research in a number of application domains:

Design and implementation of bioinformatics algorithms for discovery of functional elements in genomic sequences with a special emphasis on high-performance and scalable computing. One of the current areas of research is the development and implementation of algorithms for word-space enumeration of genomic sequences utilizing multiprocessor/multicore architectures, clusters-of-workstations, and GPGPU's

Research and design of quality-of-service based operating system resource management components with a special focus on symmetric and asymmetric multi-processor and multi-core support. We have designed and implemented a number of resource management extensions to the Linux kernel that are specifically targeted at high-end server systems and mixed-critical application environments. Another important application for our research is temporal isolation of multiple guest operating systems in operating system virtualization. 

Design and development of air traffic control systems using COTS SIMD architectures. We design and develop core air-traffic control algorithms utilizing ClearSpeed COTS SIMD co-processors. The main goal of this research is to demonstrate that COTS SIMD board can be used to solve the air-traffic problem at a much lower cost than traditional multi-processor systems.

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