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Research Projects

The Center has gained recognition for projects associated with unconventional electrolysis and electro-synthesis of fuels and chemicals from abundant and domestic feedstock. The Center had started the trend on “Electrons to Fuels.” Electrons to Fuels refers to the concept that fuels and petrochemicals can be developed through the direct application of electrical energy. 

Direct application of electrical energy for the production of fuels and chemicals (Electrons to Fuels)

Within this context current projects at the Center Include:

  • Ammonia Electrolysis

  • Coal Electrolysis

  • Synthesis of fuels and nanostructures from coal chars

  • Urea Electrolysis

  • Wastewater electrolysis. Recovery of energy from wastewater (urine and ammonia to power)

  • Advanced batteries

  • Materials for lithium ion batteries and solar panels (with special emphasis on the use of coal chars)

  • Low temperature coal fuel cells

  • Scale up of prototypes for different technologies (electrolyzers, fuel cells, and batteries)

  • Sensors

  • Electrowinning

  • Electroplating

  • Thermal management of batteries

The technical and research challenges that the Center focuses on in order to implement the approach include:

  1. Identification of active electro-catalysts. The electro-catalysts selected depend on the feedstock, electrolyte, and fuel/chemical to be synthesized.

  2. Controlled synthesis of electro-catalysts.

  3. Experimental validation of the concepts and catalysts.

  4. Understanding of the reaction rates and reaction mechanisms.

  5. Improvement of transport of the species in the electrochemical cells.

  6. Optimization of the processes and multiscale modeling.

  7. Scale up.

  8. Economics analysis.

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