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Bench Scale Testing System for Electrolysis

038The coal electrolysis bench scale testing has two systems in operation, with additional space and materials available for a third system. Each system consists of reservoirs for solutions, a coal electrolytic cell (CEC), pumps, condensers, gas collectors, and temperature controllers. The CEC, designed and built in collaboration with the Edison Materials Technology Center (EMTEC), consists of two symmetric enclosures for the cathode and anode. A circular/cylindrical cell shape facilitates the slurry flow through the electrodes and reduces the ohmic resistance caused by coal deposition on the electrodes. A proprietary polyethylene membrane forms a separation wall between the two electrodes. The electrolyte is pumped through the CEC and back into the reservoir. The design helped in increasing the resident time of the electrolyte. The electrode current collector wire is connected to the potentiostat. Heating mats, thermocouple, and temperature controller are used to control the temperature of the reservoirs. Vapor is condensed using condensers, and the gas is collected in measuring cylinders by the method of displacement of water.

  • Custom built bench scale testing system
  • Effective sealing system
  • Continuously operational system
  • Operational above 120 oC
  • Reversible flow direction
  • For further information, please refer to: Jin, X. and G. G. Botte (2007), "Feasibility of hydrogen production from coal electrolysis at intermediate temperatures." Journal of Power Sources 171(2): 826-834

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