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OHIO’s Voinovich School to participate on $4.5 million USDA study

Five-year program to explore agriculture and water management on tribal lands

Voinovich School Staff Mar 24, 2015

Ohio University receives Silver rating on first STARS report

Olivia Miltner, OU Compass contributor Mar 24, 2015

Environmental Studies Director Dabelko leads climate change talk at Purdue

Courtesy of Purdue University News Mar 20, 2015

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission State of the Region 

Hilton Downtown Columbus 
Thu, Apr 2 11:00 AM


Policy Program 

Policy is the common denominator of all of CE3’s projects. Whether the project is meant to analyze policies for a client or examine the potential implications of a policy on a prospective project, everything we do relates to the impacts of energy and environmental policies and regulations on Ohio. CE3 faculty, staff and students are well-versed in the policies that affect their subject areas of air, data, energy, land and water and how these topics overlap at every turn. Our extensive network of professional connections throughout the region enhances the work products we deliver to our diverse set of clients and stakeholders.

Point of Contact

Scott Miller
Director, CE3
Ohio University Voinovich School


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Appalachian Housing Initiative Report

As part of a project funded by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s Office of Affordable Housing Research and Strategic Planning and the Governor’s Office of Appalachia, the Voinovich School in 2012 examined the ongoing impact of shale development on rental housing availability and cost and on homelessness in Carroll County and four contiguous counties. The findings show that demand for affordable housing has risen significantly. The influx of shale workers, limited availability of affordable housing in the county for residents, and housing per diems provided to temporary workers, have enabled rental market prices to climb. Additional factors have led to a strain on the existing housing infrastructure. The project is intended to help the Agency choose Ohio communities to monitor long-term. Click here for more information.

Tags: Data,Policy,Shale

U.S. EPA GHG Reporting Program Outreach

CE3 is working with the U.S. EPA to conduct outreach to Ohio companies whose facilities will be required to report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under federal law. The CE3 Policy Team is working to conduct webinars, workshops and online resources that will help to inform this effort.

To visit CE3's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Portal, please visit: www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp.

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Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Future Vision Project

A team of university faculty and staff led by the Voinovich School received a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct a public outreach project in support of the cleanup activities occurring at the site of the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant near Piketon, Ohio. This Cold-War era plant, which produced weapons-grade uranium for the military and, later, for the nuclear power industry, was closed in 2006 and is slated to be demolished. The Voinovich School is working with community partners from around the region to generate scenarios for future uses for the facility and conduct specific research projects related to the energy and environmental future of the site. The project website is: www.portsfuture.com.

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