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AEP continues Voinovich School partnership to promote healthier southeast Ohio watersheds

Kandlyn Collins for the Ohio University Compass Aug 5, 2014

Universities focus more on clean energy sources

Story via The Columbus Dispatch, Scott Miller quoted

Laura Arenschield Jul 6, 2014


CE3 News

Kelly Johnson AEP Watershed Story thumbnail

Kandlyn Collins for the Ohio University Compass August 5, 2014

Fall Field by Rick Fatika thumbnail 70x70

Adrienne Cornwall July 14, 2014

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Story via The Columbus Dispatch, Scott Miller quoted

Laura Arenschield July 6, 2014

overview shot of SOTR 2014

Perfectly Positioned for Opportunity

Mathew Roberts June 27, 2014

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Scott Miller, CE3 Director, quoted

Tom Borgerding, NPR News Managing Editor June 5, 2014

Power plant photo credit The Columbus Dispatch thumbnail 70x70

Scott Miller, CE3 Director, quoted

Laura Arenschield, Jessica Wehrman & Dan Gearino, The Columbus Dispatch June 3, 2014

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Dr. Geoff Dabelko, Environmental Studies Director, quoted

Schuyler Null, Wilson Center May 15, 2014

Dylan-Drugan-Sept-2013-Energy-Workshop-Credit-Brice-Nihiser-sm_1_1 thumbnail 70x70

Environmental Studies Alumni Profile

Ashley Anderson April 23, 2014


Jeremiah Asaka's Environmental Studies Master's Research

Voinovich School  April 18, 2014


Donald Borenstein March 17, 2014

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OU Professor Kelly Johnson featured

Hannah Weinburger, QUEST Ohio March 4, 2014

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Former CE3 scholar recognized

Corinne Colbert March 3, 2014


Geoff Dabelko February 13, 2014


Angela Keane February 13, 2014

Shale Survey Image 70x70

Elissa Welch February 13, 2014


George Mauzy for the Ohio University Compass February 10, 2014

Voinovich Scholar Flier_academic 2014-15-page-001

Interested in communications, policy and the environment? Apply now!

Elissa Welch February 10, 2014


Closing date: Noon, February 17th, 2014

Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs February 6, 2014

Davis Fall2013 Ecology class by Brice Nihiser (1)

Angela Keane February 5, 2014


to Meet Feb. 7, 28 and March 14

Ohio University College of Arts & Sciences Forum January 15, 2014