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The Cosmos

The Cosmos

Kitt Peak Observatory, Arizona

Beyond Earth’s Atmosphere

Astronomy studies objects beyond Earth’s atmosphere, ranging from the Moon and the Planets out to the farthest galaxies known to humankind. One goal of studying astronomy is to understand the fate of the universe at a large scale, which can be accomplished by observing the distributions of sizes, shapes and distances of galaxies using both ground-based and space-based telescopes. Another goal of astronomy is to understand the objects close by, such as asteroids and planets, and learn about the history of our solar system. These topics and others are what Astronomy majors study.


Dr. Doug Clowe: Cosmology, Clusters of Galaxies and Gravitational Lensing

Dr. Joseph Shields: Black Holes, Active Galactic Nuclei and Interstellar Medium

Dr. Thomas Statler: Galactic Structure and Dynamics and Asteroid Rotation

Associated Faculty and Staff

Dr. Matthias Dietrich: Quasars, Black Holes and Star Formation

George Eberts: observational astronomer and part-time instructor

Thomas O’Grady: observational astronomer and part-time instructor

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