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It’s not just an abstract class, it’s about getting your hands dirty and your feet wet.

Associate Professor Anirudh Ruhil is director of the Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholars Program. As part of a U.S. Department of Energy grant, Ruhil’s students studied the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant site in Piketon, Ohio, to better understand the interplay of U.S. economic, environmental, and energy policies and create an end use vision plan for the site based on community feedback. “We are not the typical Ivory Tower. We get students outside the comfort of the campus and put them in situations they’d never see in the classroom, where they are inspired to leverage their education to change the world for the better.” Ani’s research is widely published in academic journals and his work and that of his students has informed governmental decision making in Ohio. Ani also is developing the Voinovich School’s new emphasis on health care analytics — a discipline whereby extensive health data is used to understand and improve the delivery of health care services and maximize cost savings. This new emphasis aims to guarantee that Appalachia benefits from the same advances in knowledge that are reshaping the medical field across the globe.

Anirudh Ruhil

Anirudh  Ruhil

Voinovich School

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