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   Wednesday, Nov 06  
Science Cafe
Times: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Nov 06, 2013
When we hear the word "fossil," people imagine long-dead species only remembered and relevant through specimens and records kept in a museum. How can these species possibly be relevant to our lives today? Alycia Stigall, Associate Professor of Geological Sciences, proves us wrong. Her research focuses on the fossils we can find in our own backyards. "Fossils and ancient species are extremely relevant to the Ohio ecosystem," Dr. Stigall says. So after she finds these fossils, what''s next? Dr. Stigall uses the fossils from the past to learn about modern invasive species that are present throughout the state and country. "One of the problems with understanding invasive species is we can only look at a few decades of them," says Stigall, "Fossils allow us to look back even further." Join Dr. Stigall as she and her collection of fossils invade the Front Room during her Science Café> discussion, "Fossil Invasion! Studying ancient species to help predict consequences of modern invasive species," on Wednesday, November 6th at 5 pm in the Baker Front Room.

Campus: Athens
Location: Baker Front Room
Contact: jk022410@ohio.edu
Website: http://www.ohio.edu/sigmaxi/sciencecafe

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