Brand Standards for Ohio University

Brand Photography 

The images chosen to portray the University are just as important as the words chosen to convey our brand. Because our campus is unlike any other in the country, it is important for landmark buildings and settings to be reflected in the photos. There is, after all, only one Cutler Hall.

When taking and selecting photos of students, the images should be of people who are engaged within their surroundings. For example, candid photos of students and faculty who are involved in classroom or campus settings are preferred over staged or manufactured images. When possible, utilize photos that have the warm, welcoming appearance of photos taken in early morning and late afternoon. It is important to maintain an age, gender, and ethnic balance in the photo subjects.

When used consistently and with subtlety, photography featuring the bricks of our campus uses a recognizable hallmark of Ohio University to advance our branding efforts. From the bricks of Cutler Hall to the bricks that form the pathways of one of the most beautiful college campuses in America, photography of bricks brings a sense of history and permanence to our communications.

For information on utilizing the University photo archives, please contact University Communications and Marketing.


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Hallmark Bricks

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