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Brand Standards for Ohio University


A logo plays an essential role in representing an institution. Consistent and appropriate use of a logo can powerfully advance recognition of an institution’s brand. As with all branding elements, elevating an institution’s recognition and stature through a logo requires cooperation from units throughout the organization in adhering to usage standards.

All logo marks described below are trademarks of Ohio University. Anyone wishing to use the University Signature (primary logo), University Seal, or any other trademark of the University not listed here must receive licensure or permission to do so from University Communications and Marketing. 

Please note: The "Attack Cat" is used for athletics-related purposes only with the permission of Ohio University Intercollegiate Athletics; it may not be used to represent any academic-related Ohio University organization. "The Paw" is an historical mark, no longer used to represent Ohio University or its athletics program. Please contact Michael Stephens (stephem1@ohio.edu) in Ohio University Intercollegiate Athletics with any questions regarding the Attack Cat or the Paw.


University Signature

The University signature brand logo is the keystone of our visual identity and is to be used on all communications materials. Using it consistently will enhance the world’s recognition of Ohio University.

Two elements make up the Ohio University signature shown below: 1) The Ohio University logo mark (featuring Wilson, Cutler, and McGuffey halls on the College Green), and 2) The Ohio University logo type. In signature form, the logo mark and the logo type should always be spaced and aligned as shown below. The logo mark is never to be used alone to represent the University.
Exceptional cases. In exceptional cases where space dictates, the logo mark and logo type may appear in a stacked format as shown below. In very small spaces of less than 1 5/8 inches, the logo type may be used without the logo mark to represent the University. Please consult with University Communications and Marketing before implementing the stacked format or using the University logo type without the logo mark.
Signature colors. The University signature may be reproduced in one color using any of the official identity colors. The order of preferences for one-color reproduction is: all Ohio University Green (Solid Pantone® 342), all Ohio University Gray (Solid Pantone® 404), and all black. The signature also may be “blind” embossed or foil stamped in silver or gold. The only approved two-color version of the signature is Ohio University Green for the logo mark and Ohio University Gray for the logo type.

Signature on dark or complex backgrounds. The University signature should be used in all white whenever it is placed on a dark background. When using the signature on a complex background, it should be placed within a solid, single-color shape (e.g., a box or bar) to avoid confusion. Be sure that the shape does not intrude upon the mark’s clear zones.
Signature clear zone. The clear zone is the width of the “I” in the University signature in negative space around all four sides of the logo. Only the official brand theme or contact information should be placed directly under the Ohio University logo.

University Seal

The Ohio University seal is used to authenticate the highest official University documents (e.g., diplomas and legal documents). It may be used on other materials only at the discretion of the president and the Board of Trustees. The University seal is used as the watermark for all official University stationery items. The University seal should never be substituted for the Ohio University signature or logo type.

Color variations. The University seal only may be reproduced in the official University colors. Ohio University Green, Solid Pantone® 342 and Ohio University Gray, Solid Pantone® 404. If official University colors are not available, the seal should be reproduced in the darkest nonofficial color being used. It is permissible to blind emboss or foil stamp the seal in silver or gold.

University seal merchandise. All merchandise featuring the University seal must be of high quality. Merchandise requiring silk-screening or other imprinting should be produced using the Ohio University signature. The seal should be used only on merchandise that features embossing or engraving.

Seal clear zone. The clear zone for the University seal is the width of the area between the inside edge of the second circle and the outside scalloped edge of the symbol. No other type or graphic element (including folds, trims, or edges) should fall within the clear zone.

The “Attack Cat”

The “Attack Cat” is used in direct association with Intercollegiate Athletics only. The “Attack Cat” and “OHIO” typography that accompanies its use are not to be substituted for the University signature or logo type for institutional or academic purposes. Please contact Michael Stephens (stephem1@ohio.edu) if you would like to request permission to use the "Attack Cat" logo for an athletics-related organization, event, or product.

The “Paw”

The "Paw" is an historical mark, no longer used to represent Ohio University. While items displaying the Paw may be sold at retail locations in limited quantities for a limited time (such as merchandise from the University's Heritage Collection), the Paw is no longer an institutional mark and may not be used by University offices or organizations to represent Ohio University. Exceptions will not be granted. Please contact Michael Stephens (stephem1@ohio.edu) with any questions.



The Ohio University signature, above, should be used on most University communication materials. It is composed of two elements: the University logo mark (depicting Wilson, Cutler, and McGuffey halls on the College Green) and the University logo type.

stacked logo

The stacked logo, shown above, may be used in exceptional cases when space dictates. Please consult with University Communications and Marketing before using this version.


The University seal is used on diplomas, legal documents, and other materials only at the discretion of the president and Board of Trustees.

Attack Cat

The "Attack Cat" logo is used only in direct association with Intercollegiate Athletics.


The Paw is an historical mark no longer used to represent Ohio University. It may not be used by University offices or organizations to represent Ohio University.


Request Use of the University Logo

In order to request use of the Ohio University signature logo, please click here to complete a brief form describing your project.