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Morphology and Biomechanics

Hooper, Scott

We study how animals generate rhythmic motor patterns such as walking, swimming, and flying at all levels from individual neurons to neural networks to muscle response to movement.

Miles, Don

Comparative methods, ecomorphology, evolution of locomotor performance, & the selective significance of locomotor performance in lizards and birds.

Moody, Scott

Phylogenetic systematics, vertebrate paleontology, comparative and functional anatomy, zoogeography, evolutionary biology and herpetology.

Peterson, Ellengene

Structural and biomechanical analyses of the vestibular (balance) system of the inner ear to understand the way it encodes naturally occurring head movements and transmits that information to the central nervous system.

Reilly, Stephen

Integration of morphological, biomechanical, functional, and developmental analyses to study how ontogeny, ecology, and phylogeny affect vertebrate design and function.

Rowe, Mike

Quantification of the vestibular signals that are generated during natural behavior and how information about natural head movement is encoded in neural signals.

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