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Ecology and Conservation

Crockett, Elizabeth

The consequences of lipid restructuring on the susceptibility of biological membranes to lipid peroxidation, and a collaborative study of mitochondrial form, function, and thermotolerance in Antarctic fishes.

Hassett, Patrick

The physiology and feeding ecology of marine and freshwater zooplankton, particularly copepods.

Johnson, Kelly

Insect physiological ecology, chemical ecology of insect-plant interactions, nutritional physiology, environmental toxicology and responses of aquatic macroinvertebrates to acid mine drainage.

Kuchta, Shawn

The patterns and processes that underlie the origin and maintenance of biodiversity, with a focus on amphibians, reptiles, and odonates.

Miles, Don

Comparative methods, ecomorphology, evolution of locomotor performance, & the selective significance of locomotor performance in lizards and birds.  

Moody, Scott

Phylogenetic systematics, vertebrate paleontology, comparative and functional anatomy, zoogeography, evolutionary biology and herpetology.

Morris, Molly

The role that female mating preferences and alternative male mating tactics play in the evolution of diverse behaviors, morphologies and new species in swordtail fishes.

Roosenburg, Willem

Investigating the evolution of life history traits and the conservation biology of long-lived organisms.

White, Matthew

Evaluation of the distribution of variation among populations of freshwater fishes and the relative roles of vicariance, dispersal, and contemporary gene flow in that distribution.



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