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Charlier, Thierry

Investigating factors responsible for the determination of cell phenotypes and molecular pathways linked to reproductive and aggressive behaviors.

DiCaprio, Ralph

Functional and integrative properties of nonspiking neurons involved in the control of motor behavior.

Kuchta, Shawn

The patterns and processes that underlie the origin and maintenance of biodiversity, with a focus on amphibians, reptiles, and odonates.

Miles, Don

Comparative methods, ecomorphology, evolution of locomotor performance, & the selective significance of locomotor performance in lizards and birds.

Morris, Molly

The role that female mating preferences and alternative male mating tactics play in the evolution of diverse behaviors, morphologies and new species in swordtail fishes.

Pawluski, Jodi

How maternal adversity and early life stress affects neurobehavioural outcomes in the mother and offspring.

Peterson, Ellengene

Structural and biomechanical analyses of the vestibular system of the inner ear to understand how it encodes natural head movements and sends that information to the central nervous system.

Rowe, Mike

Quantification of the vestibular signals that are generated during natural behavior and how information about natural head movement is encoded in neural signals.

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