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Ohio University's Flying Bobcats Nightly Blog
Saturday October 14th, 2006:  Posted 4PM EDT
    Well the competition has come to a close.  Yesterday it was still extremely windy but everyone knew we needed to get most of the events done yesterday or we wouldn't finish the competition.
    When we showed up at the airport the first thing we noticed was that every one of our planes was covered in ice.  The judges and coaches got together and decieded that they wanted to do landings first.  After bringing our two 152's into the heated hanger to melt the ice, our landers when up and competed.  The winds during the competition were blowing out of 220 degrees at 22 knots.  However during the competition tower said winds were coming from 180 through 250 and gusts up to 35 knots were observed.  It was pretty crazy up there, but everything was done safely.  We sent five landers up and this time we believe there were no "DQ's".
  The winds continued to pick up so the Message Drop event was delayed to this morning and it got in.  We also had pre-flight yesterday along with our last SIM competitor. 
   Last night was a social event with all the teams, and it was "a lot of fun."  Tonight is the awards banquet and check back monday for the last entry into the blog with the results. 


Thursday October 12th, 2006:  Posted 10:30PM EDT
     RAIN DELAY ENDS!!!  SNOW DELAY BEGINS AND CONTINUES!!!  Today we woke up and it was freezing.  When we drove to the airport it was around 37 degrees.  By the time we left it was snowing outside.  This morning it was also very windy.  So windy that they decided to cancel the landing event.  The decision was then made to attempt to complete the NAV event that was delayed from yesterday.  Our first two teams departed and were able to successfully find all five checkpoints.  The last team ran into a line of snow and was unable to continue.  In fact all the schools had one team that was unable to complete the course.  So it was decided that only two teams scores will count. 
    After this event it was decided to head back to the hotel and allow the teamates to attempt to catch up on some school work and get ready for the Pre-Flight event, along with message drop.  We needed to get our drop items made this evening.  After that we had our team meeting. 


Thursday October 12th, 2006:  Posted 12:00AM EDT
    RAIN DELAY CONTINUES.  The NIFA front continues to plague the competition.  This evening while waiting for the evening event to begin, E6B, The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for the area where we are staying.  No tornado touched down and everyone is ok. The storm was extremely powerful, but we are happy to report there is no damage to the hotel we are staying at or Don Scott Field.
    According to the participants in the E6B event, it went as well as could be expected. Tomorrow’s events are going to be the Navigation Event (weather permitting) in the morning, Landings in the afternoon (weather permitting), and simulation event (around 11am). In the evening we have the SCAN event. As you can tell the weather really needs to improve so we can get the flying events in.  The winds are forecasted to be extremely strong the next two days, and we need it to slow down so the cross wind component is fewer than 10 knots according to NIFA rules.  


Wednesday October 11th, 2006:  Posted 4:30PM EDT
    RAIN DELAY.  Welcome to the Flying Bobcats nightly blog for regionals.  This year the regionals are being held at Ohio State Airport in Columbus.  We have been here practicing since Saturday afternoon for our landing and navigations events.  We have been working pretty hard but unfortunately the "NIFA" front has moved in as usual and we got rained out today.  In fact it is supposed to rain for the next two days and be extremely windy which is why yesterday, for a NIFA first, we had an event before opening ceremonies.  Yesterday was supposed to be just practice all day.  However, all the team coaches and the judges got together and made the decision that we needed to run a landing event that afternoon.
   So yesterday we had to run power off landings.  The event went pretty well for most of the team members.  However, one team member said he wanted to go to DQ because he believes he got one and needed to get a different kind of DQ in his system.  Other than that, it was a very good day for landings.
   Yesterday evening we had opening ceremonies.  These were held in the Marriott Hotel in
Dublin, OH
.  After that we had the aircraft recognition event.  This is when a couple of airplanes are put up on a screen for very little time and you have to identify which plane it is.  Our 5 person team said they did Ok and we will have to wait until the awards banquet to see exactly how well they did. 
   This evening is the E6B event and more practice for the SCAN and Simulation events.  Hopefully the weather will make a turn for the better this evening and we will be able to get landings in! 


Saturday October 8th, 2006 Through October 10th:  Posted 4:30PM EDT
    Saturday ourlanders flew up to KOSU and the rest of us rode up in the van.  As soon as the landers arrived, they startedpracticing landings and worked on nav runs. Afterwards, the team settled into the hotel and was able to relax forthe rest of the day.
    On Sunday,we started working on ground events such as E6B and SCAN in addition to landingpractice.
     Thepreflight aircraft was on display on Monday, so our preflight team spent awhile familiarizing themselves with the 152. Once again, we spent a few hours during the day working on groundevents.  Monday was another beautiful day,so good day for landing practice.  Aftera long day at the airport, the team went to Olive Garden for dinner.
     Tuesday’s weather was good, so the judges decided to start the power off landingevent.  Overall, we did a great job.  Shortly afterwards we went to the Marriotthotel in Dublin for openingceremonies.


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