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Ohio University's Flying Bobcats Nightly Blog

Sunday May 15th, 2006:  12:00AM EDT
     AWARDS BANQUET: We faired out excellently!!! We'll post the results tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for reading this nightly blog. Hopefully we will be able to continue to do this for every NIFA competition to keep everyone updated! Have a great night, and can't wait to tell everyone the results.

Saturday May 13th, 2006:  10:15PM  EDT
     Well, we got some landings done. Only 3 pilots from each school though unfortunately. It's miserable outside and it stinks. Nothing but cold and drizzle. Brian Buescher is flying into CMH later for the banquet tonight which is exciting. Many of the sponsors with booths have now departed. Cirrus, Cessna, Piper, Symphony, ALPA, Delta, Southwest, Airnet, DUAT, Flight Safety, and Frasca were here to name a few. Johann won a headset at the social last evening. Our flight team jackets are the sharpest here. Dr. Sharp went to the President's reception last night along with Dean Irwin and President McDavis I believe.

     Most teams are just chatting and playing card games here in the hangar now that we're done with the competition. We hope the rain clears up for the flight back to UNI tomorrow. Our buddies, the OSU flight team, are really great. It's awesome how you establish friendships through this event. Not much corporate traffic today which makes for some boring plane spotting. A few Navajos were in and out earlier, and a Citation II departed earlier. That's all the action for today. The Flying Bobcats are now living off coffee. It was a successful week all around and we're greatly looking forward to the dinner and awards tonight!

Friday May 12th, 2006:  Posted 11PM EDT
     RAIN DELAY. The low pressure system over the Great Lakes region has brought windy and rainy conditions to the Columbus area. Short-field landings are tomorrow now hopefully. Tonight was the social and it was held at the Ohio DOT's hangar on the North side of Don Scott field. The CFI event was this afternoon also btw. Anyway, back to the social. We had City Barbeque which was delicious and Kathy Sullivan spoke. She's an astronaut. Good times, great company. We helped OSU clean up the hangar afterwards. Tomorrow we are leaving the hotel at 6:30am. For those of you not on the team, and looking to check it out next year, realize that it takes dedication and intensity to handle our Sunday practice schedule and also the week-long competition schedule. We're excited to see our families tomorrow at the awards banquet held at the Columbus Convention Center.

Thursday May 11th, 2006:  10:45 EDT
     Now 10:15pm. Some of us are arriving home for the first time since 6:45am. It was a fantastic day once again for the most part. The message drop event took place in rainy and windy conditions, Typical SAFECON. Ben and Johann sat on the taxiway leading Heat 16 while a storm passed the field. Cirrus Design has their semi truck and four planes here so those are fun to play in and ride in. SCAN was tonight. It was stopped 5min into it when they realized they forgot the performance and AFD sections, so it was delayed an hour while they went to Kinkos to get 10,000 copies made.

     It was unique and easy(so we think). It went from Guam up to Tinian and back. Afterwards we got Wendy's which was pretty slow service. Tomorrow the weather is crap again apparently so the show time at OSU is 9:30am. Nice chance to sleep in for the first time since last Friday. 5:30am wake-up stinks. On another note, while Ben and Johann sat in 1000U during the storm, they report it reeks of mildew and there's a leak in the windshield seal. It's nice to chat with kids from other schools about their programs, their future plans, and to listen to them tell how they're better than you. Don't forget Mother's Day is this Sunday btw. It's time for some rest.

Wednesday May 10th, 2006:  (Posted Thursday Midday)
     It’s now around 8am. The rain passed through last night mainly, but today the crappy conditions will continue. Short-field landings have been postponed and message drop will occur today instead. Yesterday was very busy. The Power-Off landing event went well. A few people actually landed in the grass short of the runway! Not from OU of course. Interviews for the Men’s Achievement Award took place yesterday and will also today. Business jet traffic continues to be heavy here at Don Scott Field. The E6B event was last night too. Team members say it went well. George was the star of the show bringing the 4’x3’ 1940s E6B in from the OU training room. Current winds are 25015G23KT, which isn’t necessarily bad, except that everyone is using 152s. It’s forecasted to gust up to 27 knots for the rest of today here in Columbus. The judges stand next to the runway edge and planes are flying pretty closely together so per the rules for the competition we’ll see if we fly today. Have a great day.

Tuesday May 9th, 2006:  11:50PM EDT
     Whew it was a long day! Navigation was today and all OU teams performed well. We’ll have to wait and see how we did Saturday evening at the awards banquet. The weather was great, however, sometime tomorrow afternoon and into Thursday it looks like some not-so-good weather will pass through. Aircraft Recognition was this evening, and as expected, it was very difficult!!! We’ve been eating lunch at the airport the past few days from our cooler loaded with lunch meats and junk food. Power-Off landings are tomorrow and we hope they’ll all get in. Topher Buehler stopped-in today which was a nice surprise. We miss him and are furious he had to transfer to the University of Wyoming ;) And now it is time for some rest. The contestant briefing begins at 0715 tomorrow.


Monday May 8th, 2006:  10PM EDT
     Today was kind of long. We'd like to thank all those who are reading the blog!!! We didn't realize how many people were actually reading it haha. We're ecstatic about the competition. The opening ceremony this evening was great. Nice to see alumni Joe Gascoyne. OSU is doing a wonderful job. Another thanks goes out to OSU Tower for their great job also. The navigation event is tomorrow. Johann/Karrie are at 8am in 23, Ben/Mike 10:30am in 1000, and Amos/George after noon in 23. The scoring is done by GPS which is neat. We're all very confident. Aircraft Recognition is tomorrow night. Better study for that now!!!

Monday May 8th, 2006:  10AM EDT
     We went to the Olive Garden for dinner last night and it was delicious. After returning to the hotel, we watched a video on midair collision avoidance which was neat and pertinent to the competition. All the schools are probably here this morning now 8am. Amos/George and Ben/Mike are doing nav-runs this morning. Landing slots begin at 11:30. Johann/Karrie will do nav this afternoon. We’re calling it a day at 3pm. Ben/Amos have sim practice just prior to that. Opening ceremony is tonight. Hotel’s bfast is pretty good.  I know I promised you some pictures, we have them, we are just running into a couple of problems getting them posted.  Check back tomorrow, and we hope to have a couple of pictures posted on here.  Cya

Sunday May 7th, 2006:  7:30EDT
     Nearing 2:30pm now. Nice day. The usual: Nav teams went early this morning, landings continue today. The Loening Trophy booklets are being printed this afternoon. The Trophy is awarded to the school that best markets their aviation program. Getting kind of peeved that our fuel card for the van isn't working. A Beechjet just started up outside. A Coast Guard Dauphin came in earlier. OSU's FBO has a lot of corporate traffic. More schools are arriving as we speak. The smell of the Beechjet's exhaust smells sweet in the hangar here. Matt Cox is here visiting which is nice. No one has died today so we're cool. The amount of traffic is ridiculous. Don Scott Field will serve more airplanes than Chicago-O'Hare's within the next 6 days. No really, it's that busy. Out for now.
Saturday May 6th, 2006: (Posted Sunday 8AM EDT)
     It is now 11:50pm Saturday night. We're beat. We just had a team meeting to discuss tomorrow's events. Ben, Johann, and Brad went with OSU's flight team to a Columbus Destroyers arena football game to unwind. The freshman did Johann's laundry. George and Amos arrived today. Tomorrow we'll continue with navigation-runs and landings. We're not the greatest at the ground events, so we focus mainly on flying events. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get to hit up the hot tub in the hotel in the evening. A little chilly today. Time to pass out. Thank you by the way, to Bonnie and Ron for their generous support of the flight team. Pictures from the competition will start being posted in tomorrow's blog.  Night. 
Friday May 5th, 2006:  (Posted Saturday Midday)
     Our day began 7:30am when we got to the OSU airport. Landing practice got underway soon after. About ¼ of the schools are here. The airport was busy today with a lot of transient traffic. Power-Off and Short-field landings went all day long. Johann and Karrie did a practice navigation-run and it went well, as did Ben and Mike. Still working on getting the fuel burns right. After a long, sunny day, we headed out to Mt. Vernon, Ohio to the farm of Nathan Galieti. His parents cooked us fresh brats over a camp fire. We relaxed and had a shooting contest with a pellet gun with pop cans. It was nice to get away for a while in the country. We're heading to the airport at 6:45am tomorrow. The OSU Flight Team invited us to an arena football game tomorrow night with them. Goodnight!

Since this is being posted late, here is some information on what happend this morning:
     1:00pm now. We arrived here at 7:00am. Both Johann and Ben's navigation-runs went great. It's slightly cloudy here now. Landing practice continues.  The team is eating Chipolte for lunch

Friday May 5th, 2006:  11PM EDT
Due to some technical difficulties in Columbus, this evenings report can not be posted at this time.  Please check back tomorrow morning for today's report.  We hope to have it up around noon.  Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you.
Thursday May 4th, 2006:  11:50PM EDT
First Entry:
     We left OU around 7pm and after a smooth 1 hour flight to the OSU Airport, we got some Skyline with alumni Matt Friesner. The sunset was nice. Checked into our hotel, and it's great. Time for bed now. Leaving at 7am for the airport.

Thursday May 4th, 2006:   8PM EDT
The Flying Bobcats have left for Ohio State to compete in Nationals.  They took the two Cessna 152's and a Cessna 172 (230U).  Look for some pictures and a daily recap starting tomorrow.  GOOD LUCK FLYING BOBCATS!!!
Starting this Friday May 5th, come back to this page for nightly updates from NIFA Nationals at Ohio State Airport.  Each night at around 10PM a member of the team will post a report on what happened that day out at the airport.  There will also be a couple of pictures accompanying the text.  This new feature will run from the start of the competition to the Awards Banquet on Saturday May 13th.  If you have any questions, or comments about this page, e-mail them here.


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