Word on the Street 1
“Word on the Street,” a segment on the popular sports half-time show “Ohio Extra,” takes a candid look at some of the hopes and dreams of students on the College Green.
Student Shoot-Out
OHIO: AV: Student Shoot-Out
Common Reading Project
The Common Reading Project primes your mind for college and helps you get to know the other smart people you’re going to school with. Check out how it works.
Film Festival
Filmmakers from all over the world send their amazing work to Athens each year to compete in the Athens Film Festival. Here’s a close-up of this remarkable event.
Peer-Led Mentoring
OHIO: AV: Peer-Led Mentoring
English Assignment: Hamlet
No sitting allowed! Get a taste of “active learning” as this extraordinary class studies Shakespeare.
Baker Center Opening · Earth Harp
Members of the internationally acclaimed music group MASS (music, architecture, sonic sculpture) performed for the grand opening of Baker University Center. The group turned the entire building into a harp by attaching strings from the second floor stage to the fifth floor railing. Here are a few of the sights and sounds from the morning performance.
Student to Student 1
Here are unscripted, bare-bones basics about surviving and thriving during your first year in college.
First Day
Steve let us film his first day of school at Ohio University. Follow along as he searches for classes, gets to know his roommate, and shares his impressions.
2005 Move-In
President Roderick McDavis and his wife, First Lady Deborah, help new students move in to their freshman dorms on the first day of move-in for the Fall quarter.
School of Rock
Students produce a CD for an L.A. band in a School of Telecommunications audio class.
U.S. Constitution
Word on the Street host Aslyne Rodriguez asks students their thoughts on the Constitution.
Summer Break '05
Aslyne Rodriguez asks students how they spent their summer.
Favorite Class
Word on the Street host Aslyne Rodriguez asks students about their favorite classes and professors.
Aslyne Rodriguez discovers what students are involved in when they’re not in class.
Marching 110 Macys
Watch part of the NBC broadcast of the Marching 110's performance in The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Study Tips
Word on the Street correspondent Aslyne Rodriguez asks some Ohio University students about their study tips as finals approach.
Film and Video Fest 2006
A promotion for the upcoming Athens International Film and Video Festival (4/28/06 - 5/4/06) during which filmmakers from all over the world send their amazing work to Athens each year to compete.
Time Management
Word on the Street correspondent Aslyne Rodriguez asks some Ohio University students about their time management practices.
Aslyne Rodriguez asks Ohio students about their roommate experiences.
Graduation 2006
Aslyne Rodriguez asks Ohio students about what they'll miss after graduation.
Anisa Husain catches up with parents to find out what they’ll miss most when their son or daughter leaves for college.
Football Game spot
Watch the 30-second commercial that airs during halftime at OHIO football games.
Move In 2006
President McDavis helps students move in to their residence halls during Move-In 2006.
Ohio University gained a place of prominence at the breakfast table on the NBC’s popular “Today” show. A customized cereal box touting “Today” host Matt Lauer as an Ohio University alumnus, complete with the university’s logo, was displayed during the show’s segment on college food options today (Thursday, Sept. 7). “Cereality,” which specializes in custom-made cereals, produced the cereal package.
Precollege 2006
Anisa Husain caught up with incoming freshman during precollege to find out what advice they were given to be successful in college.
Vote 2006
Students express their opinions regarding the importance of voting in the upcoming midterm elections in this video produced by Chris Cogan, a junior video production major in the School of Telecommunications
On one of the last warm and sunny days of fall quarter, Anisa Husain asks students what they like about the Athens Community.
Chester’s House
A behind-the-scenes look inside the AVW show “Chester’s House”—a situation comedy about a quirky inn owner’s encounters with an interactive narrator, friends, and guests who come and go. Producer/Creator Charlie Petrek (B.S.C. ’07) talks about his experiences with the sitcom and how working on the show has helped to define him as a person.
Bobcat Breakdown
ESPN and Ohio University collide in “Bobcat Breakdown,” a lively and light-hearted parody of fantasy football. Join hosts Nora Merecicky and Tyler Rollinson as they profile some of the top “Fantasy Faculty” picks of the 2006–2007 season and provide insights for both current and prospective students.
Local Music
Right-click (or 'control-click' on a Mac) on the song you want to download, save to your PC/Mac and transfer to your MP3 player. [Read use disclaimer] Have local music you'd like to see posted here? If you are the copyright holder, please contact Jessica Stark, Ohio University Communications and Marketing.

Artist: Fine Dining
Description: Loud, fast rock and roll infused into pop songss
Song 1: "Here Comes the Warm Jet"
Song 2: "Rattlin' the Bricks"

Artist: Victor Rasgaitis
Description: Feelgood modern solo acoustic folk, rock, blues tunes
Song 1: "Sweet Distraction"

Artist: Cactus Pears
Description: Etheral Punkfolk tunes with attitude
Song 1: "Sheary's Wing"
Song 2: "Superhero"

Artist: Jimson LoFi
Description: Fusion of funk and hip-hop
Song: "Can't Stop, Can't Knock"

Artist: Vellumn
Song: "Amidst Crosshatch Dreams"

Artist: Earwig
Description: Three-piece band compared to Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World
Song 1: "Best Kept Secret"
Song 2: "Drag"

Artist: OSJB
Song 1: "A Very Cautious Stance"
Song 2: "Dignity"

Artist: Shannon Scott
Song: "Yeah Man"
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