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Computer Services Center

Location and Current Use

The Computer Services Center is located on President Street, West of Chubb, at coordinates G-3 on the campus map. It is marked as # 13 on the map.

The Computer Services Center houses the department of Institutional Research and many offices and other facilities of the Office of Information Technology. The controlled-access central machine room with back-up power provides a home for many central servers, including the OAK e-mail systems, the Front Door Web servers, and a number of departmental servers. The Testscore office, and the Educational Testing Center are located on the first floor. The ground floor contains

Entry to the CSC 121B lecture hall is through the connector building between the Computer Services Center and Copeland Hall, to the right of the view in the photo, above.

History of Building

Built in 1947, it originally housed the entire Chemistry department. Extensive renovations to the building were completed in 1992, when it became the home for the Computer Services and Institutional Research offices. Minor renovations to the ground floor space were begun in 2006.

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