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Information about how transfer work is equated in University College, declaring or changing your major, and taking a course at another college or institution can all be found on this website. Please click on the graphic buttons on your left to view some great files and pages regularly used by students.


1. Have you sent all of your transcripts?

2. Call 740-593-1935 to make a pre-orientation advising appointment with an academic advisor. Please identify yourself as a new transfer student and which semester you are transferring. These appointments can be in person or on the phone.

3. All University College transfer students with fewer than 30 credit hours earned must enroll in a learning community.

4. Students with fewer than four semesters in the residence halls after high school graduation are required to live on campus in university housing. Exceptions to this rule do exist for commuter or older students. If you have not completed a housing contract, do it soon, http://www.ohio.edu/housing/index.cfm.

5. If you do not have a recent (5 years) ACT or SAT score and have not taken a transferable algebra course (Math 1300, Pre-Calculus) or higher, then you are required to take the on-line math placement test, visit http://www.ohio.edu/orientation/mathPlacement2.cfm for more information.

6. Register for Bobcat Student Orientation even if you make a pre-orientation advising appointment. It is essential that you attend Bobcat Student Orientation to learn about campus resources and policies, obtain your student ID, and have an advisor review your transfer credit and planned schedule with you. Invitations are mailed one month prior to the beginning of each term (May for fall admission). Call 740-566-8888 if you do not receive orientation information in a timely manner.

7. Apply for financial support and resources. Be sure that you complete the FAFSA (http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/) and call the student Financial Aid Office to ensure that your scholarships, loans, and grants are in order, 740-593-4141, http://www-sfa.chubb.ohiou.edu/html/index.html.

8. Become a Bobcat! Ohio University and Athens are rich with arts, music, sports, outdoor activities, films, lectures--you name it. Check out all that you can enjoy at http://www.ohio.edu/students/.

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