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Welcome to the Athens Campus: An orientation program for students relocating from an Ohio University regional campus to the Athens campus.

If you are currently enrolled at one of the five OU regional campuses and plan to take courses fall quarter on the Athens campus, you will want to attend an orientation program. Please check back in January for 2009 Regional Campus Relocate Day information. Although courses and requirements are the same on all OU campuses, the size and atmosphere on the Athens campus can be very different from a regional campus. This orientation program will acquaint you with all the resources, places,and services available in Athens as well as provide advising for your fall quarter registration. So, get started by clicking the ‘Register to Attend’ button on your left.

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Welcome to the Athens Campus.pdf  - Everything you want to know about being a student on the Athens Campus.

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contact us if you have questions or concerns about transferring to the Athens campus. We look forward to hearing from you!

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