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Who We Are

Arlene Greenfield
Arlene Greenfield - WIP Chair

“Philanthropy has changed a great deal in the last two decades. Even a few years ago, scarcely anyone was talking about passion, values, vision, and responsibility. Now those terms and usage are commonplace. Now they mean women’s philanthropy. In effect, women’s philanthropy has led the way and 'reinvented' fundraising.”

Sondra Shaw Hardy and Martha A. Taylor, in Women & Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World

WIP Goals

  1. Broaden the base of financial support by women and friends of Ohio University and encourage them to increase their giving.
  2. Build a culture of giving among current and future Ohio University students.
  3. Educate Ohio University students in the area of financial literacy.
  4. Encourage a sense of community among ourselves and those we serve.

The Giving Circle

A women’s giving circle is simply a group of like-minded women who join together to pool their time, talent, and treasure in order to effect social change. Typically, each woman in a circle contributes the same amount of money, and the circle, as a group, determines where it will designate its contributions. In short, a women’s “team” is established with the whole being larger than the individual parts.

The original Women in Philanthropy giving circle, The Founders’ Circle, comprised of 22 women is complete and gave WIP its beginnings. This circle supports the Division of Student Affairs through the Center for Community Service Endowment Fund. This $50,000 endowment supports the Student Community Outreach Resource Endowment (SCORE) grant making program. WIP members work with the Community Service Leadership Council, which includes leaders of various student service organizations, to help them with the grant making process in order to fund various events and projects. This helps to train the next generation of students in philanthropic issues.

The Leveraging Leadership Circle, which also supports the Division of Student Affairs, is complete and helped grow the following Women in Philanthropy endeavors:

  • The Baker University Center Programming Endowment Fund
  • The Amanda J. Cunningham Leadership Center Endowment Fund
  • The Leona Hughes LeaderShape Endowment Fund

The Founder’s Circle and the Leveraging Leadership Giving Circle have raised $250,000 for the Division of Student Affairs. Now WIP is focusing on the broader vision to grow our endowment.

If you’re interested in a member initiated giving circle please contact Dorothy Schey for an application. Current member initiated giving circles include the Jody Galbreath Phillips Giving Circle and the OU Chillicothe Giving Circle.

Giving Opportunities

WIP Endowment (greatest need and investment): Supports WIP's mission in perpetuity including programming, financial literacy, Ohio University faculty/administrator representative to attend Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Leadership Institute, student summer internship scholarships and leadership development.

WIP Discretionary Fund (for immediate needs): Supports WIP's mission as described above.

WIP Jody Galbreath Phillips Giving Circle: First member-launched Giving Circle to support women’s athletics.

WIP OU Chillicothe Giving Circle: To support the educational experiences of OU-C students.