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Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP)


The State of Ohio, under Senate Bill 140 and House Bill 215, allows area students (must reside in Ohio) to enroll in college-level coursework prior to graduation from high school under the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP). High school students who meet the criteria stated below may enroll in University classes concurrently with high school enrollment to earn college credit or both high school and college credit. Students must live within commuting distance to Ohio University in specific counties.

PSEOP offers students two options for enrolling:

  • Option A allows high school students to enroll concurrently for college credit and high school credit.  Students enrolled in Option A are responsible for tuition, fees, and textbook charges, and may enroll in any term, including summer.
  • Option B allows students to enroll concurrently and receive both high school credit and college credit.  Your local school district will indirectly pay tuition, fees, and textbook charges for those students enrolling in Option B. Option B students may enroll in any term except summer.

PSEOP Limitations
Because PSEOP is intended to complement, rather than replace, the high school experience, Ohio University limits the number of courses students can take per semester. Rising juniors and seniors are limited to three courses maximum per semester. Rising freshmen and sophomores are limited to only one course per semester.

Please note that if you have taken college courses as a high school student under one of these options and plan to apply for admission to Ohio University as a full-time student, you will need to apply as a freshman applicant, not a transfer applicant, even though you have already earned college credit. Credit earned at Ohio University under these options will become part of your permanent record and will be calculated into your accumulative grade point average.

The links below will provide you with helpful information about the PSEOP program at Ohio University:

PSEOP Orientation
Students admitted into PSEOP must attend an orientation session in order to register for courses. Orientation and registration for PSEOP students is handled by University College.  For more information, please contact University College at 740.593.1000.

Point of Contact for PSEOP Admissions
If you have questions or if you need additional information about the PSEOP program, please contact Assistant Director BJ Heidlebaugh at 740.593.0712 or heidleba@ohio.edu.

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