College of Arts & Sciences

the department of African American Studies

Akil Houston, Ph.D.

Akil Houston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cultural and Media Studies in the Department of African American Studies. Dr. Houston is a filmmaker, dj, social critic, and one of the nation's most authentic Hiphop scholars.

Ph.D. Cultural Studies in Education, Ohio University
M.F.A Film Production, Ohio University
M.A. International Studies, Ohio University
B.A. Mass Media Arts, Clark Atlanta University
Contact: 740 593-1310

Research Interests
My scholarship is interdisciplinary and draws on the fields of Africology/African-American, Cinema, Cultural, and Gender Studies. In addition to these disciplines, Hiphop is a site of my scholarly interests. I posit that popular culture (television, film, music, new media) is a fertile source for the study of ideological production. My research focus attempts to unpack meaning as it relates to constructions of gender, race and class.

AAS 1500 Introduction to Africana Media
AAS 3520 Survey of Contemporary African American Cinema
AAS 3530 Survey of Independent Black Cinema
AAS 3570 Hiphop History, Politics & Culture
AAS 3800 Seminar in African American Education

Selected Publications
Houston, A. (2012). Tasseography as a healing practice: Education in a post-racial classroom. In Weems, M. (Ed.), Empathy and the Imagination-Intellect: Writings of Healing and Resistance. (Forthcoming 2012) New York: Peter Lang.
Houston, A (2010). Tasseography: Reading post- racial resistance to teaching. Philosophical Studies in Education Journal, 42, March 2012
Houston, A. (2010). The Art of Shadowboxing: Teaching about gender performance using Hiphop Culture as Pedagogy. The International Journal of Africana Studies, 16, 1, 141-155.