College of Arts & Sciences

the department of African American Studies

Michael B. Gillespie

Michael B. GillespiAssistant Professor of Film
School of Interdisciplinary Arts
School of Film
Department of African American Studies

Office: 320 Lindley Hall


Ph.D. and M.A. in Cinema Studies, New York University
B.A. in English, Morehouse College

Professor Gillespie's teaching and research includes film theory, genre studies, black visual and expressive culture, historiography, global cinemas, and adaptation theory. His teaching and research is driven by an interdisciplinary regard for the study of art and culture.


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“Smiling Faces: Chameleon Street, Racial Passing/Performativity, and Film Blackness.” Passing Interest: Racial Passing in U.S. Fiction, Memoirs, Television, and Film, 1990-2010. Ed. Julie Cary Nerad. SUNY Press, 2014.

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Works In Progress

“Tomorrow People: Futurestates and Speculative Visions of Race.” Eds. Simone Drake, David Ikard, and Dwan Simmons. Are You Entertained?: New Essays on Black Popular Culture in the 21st Century.

Film Blackness: American Cinema and the Idea of Black Film
Co-editor, Black Cinema Aesthetics Revisited.
Co-editor, New Chester Himes Criticism.
Co-editor, Special Issue of Callaloo: Black Diasporic Cinema

Courses Taught: Introduction to Cinema Studies, The Art of Film, Film History II, Film History III, Film Adaptations, Japanese New Wave Cinema, Critical Diasporic Cinema, Visual Historiography, Film Blackness, The Films of Spike Lee, Chester Himes and the Noir Tradition, Black Visual Culture, Noir of the 1990s, Blackness and the Arts, Hip Hop Cinema.

Conference Presentations: Society of Cinema and Media Studies, World Picture, African Literature Association, American Studies Association, The Experience Music Project Pop Conference.