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UC 1060-Academic Computing Skills

The purpose is to provide students with hands-on experience ranging from basic computational applications to advanced computational application skills necessary to successfully enhance their educational experience while at Ohio University and beyond. Students will learn how to use different types of technology found in educational settings to develop and enhance their computational skills. This includes hardware basic peripherals, productivity applications (Microsoft Office Suite), Internet Search for Credible Sources, managing their oak storage, multimedia skills, Email and Social Networking Etiquette, and Web technology (Wikis, Blogs, etc.). The class will be designed to meet the NETS (National Education Technology Standards) for Teachers 2008 (http://www.iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS).

UC 1060 will NOT deal with technical issues

Topics covered in this 1-credit hour course include:

  • Creating your own video and burning it onto a CD
  • Internet skills including evaluating web pages and security
  • Importing and editing photos
  • Creating your own web page with a movie file
  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint with multimedia files
  • Using Microsoft Excel
  • Using an Apple Macintosh computer
  • Running Windows on a Macintosh

All assignments are to be completed in the AAC Learning Computer Lab where students may be guided through the assignments with one-on-one assistance from the instructor and trained lab assistants.  Following one required meeting at the beginning of the quarter for an orientation to the course, students will complete assignments during the AAC Computer Learning Lab open hours of their choice. Assignments are fairly easy requiring 1-2 hours to complete each topic.

Spring Semester 2013 UC 1060 Schedule 

*Updated 10/16/12

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Computer Lab



***Sessions are held in the Academic Advancement Center Computer Learning Lab on the first floor of Alden Library***

After attending one of the mandatory course orientation meetings, students complete each weekly exercise in the AAC Computer Learning Lab at a time that is convenient to them (within unit deadlines). There will be one-hour lab sessions outside the first week of orientation to the course. The lab sessions are not mandatory but students are encouraged to attend so that they can ask questions and also complete their work during the session. Each of the 10 assignments is designed to be easily completed in approximately 1-2 hours. This is a Pass/Fail course. Completion of all exercises in this course will result in a “CR” (pass) grade.

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