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Helpful Courses for New College Students

The Academic Advancement Center's skill building courses, UC 1060, UC 1100, and UC D998, help students make the adjustment to college level work.

UC 1060-Academic Computing Skills (1 credit, limited to first year students)
The purpose is to provide students with hands-on experience ranging from basic computational applications to advanced computational application skills necessary to successfully enhance their educational experience while at Ohio University and beyond. Students will learn how to use different types of technology found in educational settings to develop and enhance their computational skills. This includes hardware basic peripherals, productivity applications (Microsoft Office Suite), Internet Search for Credible Sources, managing their oak storage, multimedia skills, Email and Social Networking Etiquette, and Web technology (Wikis, Blogs, etc.). The class will be designed to meet the NETS (National Education Technology Standards) for Teachers 2008 (http://www.iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS).

UC 1100-Learning Strategies (2 credits, limited to first year students) 
Helps students assess current study behaviors and attitudes and then adopt techniques that increase effectiveness in managing time, taking notes, reading and comprehending test material, and preparing for exams. Emphasizes regular practice and applicatin of strategies discussed. Especially recommended for new students who didn't study very much in high school and/or have no well-developed system of effective studying.

UC D998 -College Reading Skills (2 credits, limited to first year students)
Focuses on active reading and study reading techniques, such as summarizing main ideas, organizing textbook content, understanding inference and point of view, adjusting reading rate, expanding vocabulary, and developing critical thinking skills. Course content moves from shorter passages to longer selections and emphasizes practice and application of skills. Recommended for new students with less than a 21 on the ACT Reading section or SAT verbal score below 495.



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