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Amanda Rinaldi

Class of 2016Amanda Rinaldi

Canton, OH

Integrated Mathematics Education, B.S.Ed.


Amanda Rinaldi is one fearless sophomore. Since we've known her here at CAP, she's been dazzling us with her infectious energy. Whether it's racing to the top of the zip line tower or knitting scarves for classmates, Amanda is always engaged in something interesting and exciting. As a former member of our CAP Learning Community, Amanda found new friends, the ability to push herself to do new things, the opportunity to work with different types of people, and to hone her leadership skills.

Amanda is the type of person that often puts others in front of herself, which is what drives her to become a teacher. She especially likes to work with teenagers and help future generations excel in something that most people don't really like – math. Amanda's entrepreneurial spirit has also shown brightly at Ohio University. Amanda became a certified cosmetologist during her senior year of high school to help pay her way through college and wasted no time snapping those shears on campus. (Former CAP Graduate Associate Mandy Schenkmeyer was one of many repeat customers.) When the cold weather sweeps through Athens you will find her knitting hats and scarves for her friends and fellow res hall peers to keep warm. It's safe to say that her unique hobbies help to make her the person she is, but they've also provided a fun and creative way to add some cash to her college fund.

Favorite aspect of CAP...

"The community and love you feel in the program. It is not just a group on campus you are apart of and these are not just people you come across. CAP is a family and a unit; we are here for each other and I have created some wonderful relationships from it."

Advice for incoming CAP students...

"Take advantage of the teachers you have, the resources on campus, and even your peer mentors and advisors. There is so much support and help on this campus if you just ask or go looking for it. College is a wonderful time in life and even though times get rough, there are always people to help you find a solution, get through it or maybe just vent when you are feeling stressed."