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Academic Skill Development

CAP is committed to collaborating with our students early to develop the skills required to be successful at Ohio University. We know that students are frequently surprised by the reading requirements, studying/assignment expectations, and time management responsibilities that are expected of students. We also know that building strong routines and healthy habits, both in the classroom and out, are imperative if a student is to be successful at Ohio University.Accordingly, we offer Academic Skills Courses and Individualized One-on-One Skills Instruction to our students so they are prepared to meet the demands of higher education.

Academic Skills Courses

UC 1100, Learning Strategies*

Helps students assess current study behaviors and attitudes and then adopt techniques that increase effectiveness in managing time, taking notes, reading and comprehending material, and preparing for exams. Especially recommended for new students who didn't study very much in high school and/or have no well-developed system of effective studying.                    *CAP requires all of its students complete UC 1100

UC D998, College Reading Skills

Focuses on active reading and study reading techniques, such as summarizing main ideas, organizing textbook content, understanding inference and point of view, adjusting reading rate, expanding vocabulary, and developing critical thinking skills. Recommended for new students with less than a 21 on the ACT Reading section or SAT verbal score below 495.

UC 1060, Academic Computing Skills

The purpose is to provide students with hands-on experience ranging from basic computational applications to advanced computational application skills necessary to successfully enhance their educational experience while at Ohio University and beyond.

One-on-One Skills Instruction

CAP staff provides help with strategies for improving academic performance. One-on-one study skills instruction appointments are available upon request. Study skills tutors can help with:

♦  Time Management                      ♦  Concentration & Focus

♦  Memory                                     ♦  Textbook Mastery 

♦  Taking good notes                       ♦  Reviewing Lecture Notes

♦  Exam preparation                        ♦  Reading Comprehension

These skills instruction sessions are only available by appointment and can be made in the AAC.  Student meet with our  experienced Skills Instructors & CAP Advisors for one-on-one private tutoring/instruction.  These sessions are hands-on and designed to target specific problems a student is experiencing with a particular class.  For additional information, consult with your CAP Advisor.  


CAP will host a variety of informative workshops spanning themes that include:

        ·Financial LiteracyGordy1

·Financial Aid & Scholarships

·Stress Management

·The GRE & Grad School

·Resume Building & Writing

·And more…