Students studying on the Green

CAP Peer Advisors


CAP freshmen and sophomores are assigned a Peer Advisor (PA). The PA's job is to help CAP students "learn the ropes" here at OU, to keep them balanced and engaged during these first two years on campus, and to serve as a guidepost and mentor.

Many students learn quickly that the expectations at OHIO are drastically different than they were in high school. Students also discover that there are many more distractions at college than perhaps there were in high school, and they may feel that there is nobody here to make sure they complete their work. The PAs help students through such transitions, helping our CAP students navigate this new environment.

CAP PAs are juniors and seniors who have proven that they have what it takes to be successful at OU, both in and out of the classroom. They come from a variety of majors, but all have GPAs of at least 3.30 and all are involved on campus. PAs contact students each week to offer assistance, to check in with each student, and, in a nutshell, to ensure that all is well.

Peer Advisors staff study tables Monday through Thursday each week and are available to meet with CAP Students to discuss any concerns they may have... or just to go see a movie, or grab a cup of coffee, or go for a walk, and so on. Our PAs are often CAP students themselves and have walked the walk that our CAP students are about to embark upon.

Our 2014-15 CAP Peer Advisors include:

Will Ashton -

Zyrece Montgomery -

Kelsey Redick -

Adriane Stairhime -

Sarah Stevens -