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The College Adjustment Program (CAP) is supported through a TRIO Student Support Services grant from the US Department of Education and by Ohio University.  

CAP @ Ohio University

CAP promotes academic success and supports college completion for all of its, roughly, 275 participants. CAP has helped students adjust to the demands of college life since 1979 at OHIO. We assist students as they work toward graduation, a career, and/or graduate school. The CAP staff is committed to collaborating with our participants through a wide variety of academic support services at no cost to students. 

Through supportive and professional academic advising, CAP provides opportunities for academic and intellectual development, assists students in understanding the various graduation requirements, and gives students a home base and physical place on campus where they know they will be supported. For 34 years, CAP has been a positive force for student success and enrichment at Ohio University. All CAP services are designed to increase a student's chance of success.


CAP services include:

Free Academic Tutoring
Peer tutoring is available for many courses
. CAP students may receive up to 4 hours per course, per week of complimentary tutoring. CAP students also have access to the Math Center, Science Center, and Student Writing Center.  Like all of the support services we offer, CAP encourages students to take advantage of tutoring services early in the term, as opposed to waiting until they are struggling in a class and then having to scramble to find a tutor.

UC Skills Development Courses
All CAP students are required to take UC 1100: Learning Strategies. Students whose ACT or SAT scores indicate a need also take UC D998: College Reading Skills and/or UC 1060: Academic Computing Skills.  The rationale here is to unlearn any unsatisfactory academic habits and to develop a solid foundation of skills upon which to build your college career.

Academic Advising
Students are assigned a CAP Advisor to answer questions, offer suggestions, advise them on course selection, and much more. Students must meet with their CAP Advisor each semester before scheduling but are welcome to do so more often.  Consistently, academic advising is rated CAP Students' #1 most valued service provided by the program.

Peer Advising & Mentorship
CAP freshmen and sophomores are assigned a Peer Advisor (PA) to help them adjust to the rigors of college life. PAs maintain frequent contact and are available to assist as needed. PAs also staff
Study Tables, a 2-hour block each week when any CAP student can drop by for help studying. They are always a text, email, or phone call away. 

Computer & Technology Resources

CAP co-sponsors a computer learning lab where students receive assistance with tech-related issues. Skilled lab assistants help students better use technology to complete class assignments. CAP students receive
FREE Printing in our computer lab in the AAC.

Cultural & Social Event Opportunities

CAP will pay a portion of the ticket price for CAP students who want to attend cultural events (concerts, plays, lectures, comedy shows, etc.) on campus.  We also will offer opportunities to get together socially throughout the term.

Technology Loan Program
CAP will loan graphing and non-graphing calculators to CAP students. Should you have additional tech-related needs or concerns, just ask a CAP staff member for assistance.


In sum, CAP is:  

  • 275 students strong, freshman – senior, from all majors on campus
  • Committed to student success and scholarly development up to graduation
  • Designed to promote academic success and degree completion
  • Comprised of support services (above) to bolster your success and academic engagement
  • Over 33 years old at Ohio University (founded in 1979), with many successful & accomplished alums across campus, the state, and the country
  • A part of the Academic Advancement Center and University College, supporting teaching & learning across campus
  • Supported through a US Dept. of Education (TRIO) Student Support Service grant and by Ohio University


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