Students studying on the Green

Eligibility Requirements


There are eligibility requirements one must meet in order to be accepted:

  • Eligibility for CAP is determined according to a Two Tier system.
  • Students must satisfy both tiers to be eligible for CAP.
  • CAP is a small program, space is limited and eligibility does not guarantee admission.
  • CAP serves approximately 275 students annually.

Eligibility Requirements:

Tier 1: Does the student have an ACADEMIC NEED? 

This is defined as:

  • Having an ACT composite score less than or equal to 22* or
  • Having a SAT combined (math + verbal) score less than 1090 or
  • Being ranked in the bottom 60% of their high school class or
  • High School GPA below a 3.0 or
  • ACT Reading or Math score below 19
If a student satisfies one of the Tier 1 requirements,
s/he must also meet at least one of the Tier 2 requirements.

Tier 2: To satisfy this requirement, a student must:


How to Apply to CAP

If you believe you satisfy both Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements for eligibility
and would like to apply for admission to CAP, please contact us at (740) 593-2644.
We will promptly send you an application.

Applications are reviewed on a first received-first considered basis.
CAP is a small program with limited spaces available.

Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission.