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Professional Academic Advising


Each CAP student is assigned a Professional Advisor. CAP participants are required to meet with their professional advisors each semester before scheduling. Of course, students are encouraged to visit their advisors whenever they need assistance, have questions or concerns, and the like. Think of your CAP Advisor as a guidepost, an anchor on campus, and a person to collaborate with you in making your Ohio University experience successful, enriching, and fruitful.

CAP Advisors can…

  • direct a student to appropriate services, offices, and/or resources 
  • navigate the higher education environment
  • help students explore possible majors, minors, and/or certificates
  • review degree audit reports (DARS) with students and help them understand the various graduation requirements
  • review academic/graduation progress
  • assist students with selecting and scheduling classes each semester
  • guide students through the challenges of college life
  • provide a sounding board for a student's problems, concerns, worries
  • serve as a liaison to the various departments and offices with which a student must interact
  • advocate on the students behalf
  • provide letters of reference for students who maintain consistent contact
  • celebrate a student's success
  • and much more...

CAP's professional advisors are available Monday – Friday, 9 – 5, in the Academic Advancement Center, 101 Alden Library. Stop by to see your advisor whenever you have a question, concern, or just want some ideas and/or feedback about academic and career plans. If your assigned advisor is not available please see Tiffany Arnold, CAP Assistant Director, or Cynthia King, Director of the Academic Advancement Center/CAP.

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CAP seeks to provide an opportunity for students to receive one-on-one assistance with many of their academic needs. However, we cannot do it alone. CAP will always reach out to students, but ultimately, CAP participants must assume responsibility for maintaining contact with their advisor; for learning university, college, and departmental graduation requirements; and for seeking assistance when needed. To this end, CAP students should come prepared to their meetings with CAP advisors, just as they should to all classes and meetings. CAP will look out for you, of course, but you will need to look out for yourself and make smart choices, as well.

To see a list of CAP Advisors & Staff, click here.

Ohio University has many resources available to assist students. Please see the Useful Links tab on the side for a list frequently used offices and services on campus.